Will take place March 26 the course Clinic International Football 5 Indoor AMF

Saturday, March 26, on the occasion of Mundialito Cup Tournament 2016 will take place on Clinic International Football 5 Indoor AMF.

The course, organized by the TRAINING CENTRE FIFA, will take place at the sports center of Novarello di Granozzo con Monticello (NO).

They will be mainly three the topics covered:
1) Basic Technique / applied technique
2) Strategy and Tactics in Football Hall
3) How would you handle the pre-race and race

The registration fee is € 25.
The training course will follow the following hours:
• 9.00- 9.30 Registration
9.30- 30.12 Conference

The Clinic International Football 5 Indoor AMF is for coaches, to all the people who work in the football world and all football fans in general.

For info and reservations:

Sig. Caliri
tel: 3345797903
email: federico.caliri@outlook.it

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