Golden Ball Latin FIFS 2015: here are the 3 candidates.

They were revealed the candidates to the victory of 1st Golden Ball Latino FIFS for football season 2015. The different candidates have been selected based on of the results obtained during the football season in 2015 both with its own Club with both the National FIFS.

The survey to elect the winners of this prestigious award will be open until March 10. The winners will then be personally rewarded by Axel Paderni, President of the Italian Football Federation Sala.

For voters there will be a further incentive to participate in the survey if will share the video of the nominations and will nominate in the comment three friends, will be able to enter the competition to win the jersey of Italian Nazionalte FIFS offered as a prize by the technical sponsor of the National, Nike Team.

Now let’s enjoy the video that will reveal the three candidates:

Here is the link to vote our winner:

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