The road to the Mundialito: played the friendly match between El Salvador and Switzerland

Sunday, February 28, with kick-off at 15.30, has played the friendly match between the national teams of El Salvador and Switzerland. For the occasion, after almost 25 years, it is back to host a challenge Football Hall the beautiful structure of the Palasport, in Cinisello Balsamo.

The skilled performance has was dominated by the national El Salvador led by Piombino, victorious for 8 to 6 on Switzerland baby girl Militano coach.

The game has always been fought from the very beginning. The first time, he saw ahead the American National for two goals to zero, then saw Switzerland close the gap with a goal count to five minutes from time.

Different is the approach of the two teams the second time. Switzerland takes advantage of the blackout and El Salvador took the lead 4 to 3. The providential time-out of the coach, combined with the greater experience of blue-white and superb hat-trick of Segura, he has allowed El Salvador to set ahead and conclude victoriously the match.
Another good test so for rossocrociati, who continue their journey of building a cohesive and competitive team for the next Mundialito Cup Tournament, which will be played in Novarello in late March.

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