EuroRivals #1: Catalunya

When thinking of Catalunya, one cannot help but focus on its capital city, Barcelona, and how in the last decade it radically changed the way football is lived and perceived. The expression “tiki taka” alone is enough to command respect from any opponent. When you add to this the fact that the local team will be able to count not only on their technical skills, but also on their passionate supporters, they inevitably come to be one of the teams most likely to win the tournament. Catalunya is playing in Group A, and will have to face to important tests versus Belgium and Kazakhstan. The former has represented the fastest-growing football movement for the last few years; the latter is going to take part to a European Championship for the first time.

To prepare for this historical event, the Catalans have started a tough preparation programme based on the famous “3-1 scheme”, which perfectly allows for different offensive combinations. About this, coach Alfons Bertran stated: “The group gets better every day and the guys get on very well, both on the sports and on the human aspect”.

The pitch reinforced the coach’s words, since Catalunya crushed CFS La Garriga’s youth squad by an 8-1 margin, securing their win already in the first half. The squad is then ready and looks forward to playing the world’s strongest teams.

14 players have been selected to take part in the competition:

1. Cristian Pico (Monsant Sala 5)

2. Edu Felip (Betània Patmos)

3. Yago Bertran (Padre Damian Sagrados Corazones)

4. Marc Feixas (Betània Patmos)

5. Abel Garcia (Manyanet Sant Andreu)

6. Nacho Vega (Padre Damian Sagrados Corazones)

7. Èric Rivera (FS Ripoll)

8. Joel Cortés (Futsal Tiana)

9 Àlex Trilla (Padre Damian Sagrados Corazones)

10. Cai Badal (Betània Patmos)

11. Jordi Grau (EFS La Segarra)

12. Juan Debarnola (Padre Damian Sagrados Corazones)

13. Marc Armengol (Betània Patmos)

14. Roger Belmonte (CFS Sant Climent).

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